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About Us

ALOHA! Chef “BONZ” here. 

During my 30+ year career as a Hotel Chef and Restaurant Chef, I’ve created some of the most delicious combinations of spices and flavorings for the 1,000’s of meals I’ve served to people from all over the world visiting our Islands. 

For years diners have suggested I should make these delicious combinations available so that they may enjoy the “Spices of Life” added to their own home prepared meals, and guess what? Now available, Lahaina Spice Company offers you a most wonderful way to “Spice it Up – Island Style”!

Lahaina Spice Company offers unique blends of just the right seasonings in our current menu. Now you can have a “Taste of the Islands”, right in your own kitchen. Not only are they incredibly tasty, but every time you serve up a meal featuring Lahaina Spice Company’s Spices, you’ll feel like you are right back in Hawaii and being served by yours truly.

Lahaina Spice Proprietors Concierge Malihini Heath and longtime island Chef Gregory “Bonz” Heath – two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet - started The Lahaina Spice Company which was formed over two years ago by these two amazing individuals who not only shared their love for each other but their love for food and spices.

A local Hawaiian family-owned and operated business, Lahaina Spice Co. was founded in 2011 by Malihini and Bonz Heath. Products can be ordered online here, or purchased on Maui where fine spices and seasonings are sold. Ask your local market!

How to Help

Dear Valued Customers:We thank you for your continued support of our products, and also for your support to the victims of the Lahaina Fire.As you are aware, our beloved Lahaina Town has been destroyed by unimaginable catastrophe. We have made donations of our net sales to Hawaii Community Foundation, Maui Strong. In order to directly benefit those in most need, we will continue our giving campaign starting today (October 2, 2023) by donating 15% of all our online net sales to the People's Fund of Maui.

Thank you for your patronage and continued support.Bonz and Malihini Heath

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